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Tourist information

Government – Democratic laic Republic, ruled by President and Parliament.

Capital – Baku

Time zone – AZT (UTC +04)

Internet code – az

Formation – 28 May of 1918

Currency – Manat. It is possible to exchange money only in banks, airport, hotels and ATM. Credit cards are accepted in big cities only.

Electricity – Azerbaijan’s electrical supply is 220V 50Hz.

Tipping – Service charges are rarely include any tips. You have to beneficiate a good service by around 10%. Porters, guides and tourist drivers are always thankful for tips.


  • The GSM 900 system is used. That’s the same as across Europe but not compatible with most Japanese or US cell phones.
  • There are three mobile operators – Azercell (codes 050, 051), Bakcell (055) and Nar Mobile (070, 077).
  • 3G service is widely available even within the Baku Metro underground railway system.


All main sights are very compact located in the city center of Baku. You can use metro and buses as well as all information is translated into English. In Baku you can use Bakukart, the transport rechargeable card used both for buses and metro. The card costs 2 AZN and each one way ticket 0,30 AZN. The charging automats you can find on main bus stops and in metro stations. To not by the card you can use one time cards from charging machines. Just press new card and one time card and pay for it.

In suburbs of Baku and in regions this card is useless, there it is possible to pay by cash. For transportation around the country it is better to use regional buses. It is not possible to buy a ticket in advance, only in the ticket office of the bus station.

To communication with nearby countries, it is better to use trains. They are cheap but enough old.  Train tickets you can by only on the train station.


Azerbaijan is multicultural, tolerant and multinational country with open mind open mind point of view. It is rarely religious but very superstitious and conservative. Wherever local people respect foreigners, they expect the same level of respect to them as well. In dressing, you can be more than free in Baku, respecting modesty in religious buildings and in the regions of the country.


Few cities in the world are as safe as Baku. In regions as well the most dangerous animal is a street dog. Don’t afraid of them, they are fed by people and used to live together. Feel yourself free walking at night, people here are friendly and helpful.


Instead of applying at an embassy or consulate, you can apply for an e-visa. Our company can provide you all visa support just visit the link.

Registration upon arrival in Azerbaijan

Visitors are required to fulfill a very simple visa registration procedure within 15 days of arrival in Azerbaijan.

Permitted Duty Free Imports

  • up to 1 000 cigarettes or 1 kg of tobacco products (for persons over 16 years old);
  • up to 1.5 liters of alcohol and 2 liters of wine;
  • perfume for personal use;
  • other items amounting to $ 10,000. Some high value items might need to be listed on a customs declaration form. Double check if you’re worried;

Items usually prohibited from import without special authority include

  • arms and ammunition;
  • controlled drugs and narcotics;
  • animals;
  • photos and printed materials considered to be “directed against the constitutional order of Azerbaijan” (which, for example, might include documents in which the occupied areas of Karabagh are shown on maps as being an independent country);
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;

Permitted Exports:

  • personal items
  • handicrafts and products officially acquired in Azerbaijan.
  • valuable items that you had brought with you to Azerbaijan and had listed on your declaration form
  • a maximum of 125g of sturgeon caviar

Exports which are allowed if you have a relevant permit:

  • carpets made after 1960. The easiest way to get the permit is through the dealer selling it to you, but be aware that the procedure can take up to a week as permission needs to be granted via the state carpet museum and once approved, certificates are only issued on Wednesday mornings (10am till 1pm, costs AZN46).
  • handicrafts that give the impression of age but that are in fact less than 55 years old
  • art works. Permits cost AZN15 per item, and take around a week to organise with certificates only issued on Wednesday afternoons 3pm-5pm. The process is through the national art museum at 9/11 Niyazi Street, Baku tel 012-492-5789.

Items usually prohibited from export without special authority include:

  • arms, ammunition, narcotics;
  • animals
  • precious stones
  • antiques (including carpets, coins, manuscripts, etc.) produced before 1960.