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Must taste

  • Shah Plov

The dish fit for a king, flavored rice mixed with lamb, dry fruits, chestnuts and spices enclosed into crispy crust. If you are looking for something deserved you, don’t miss this dish!

  • Levenghi

Delicious spring chicken or boneless fish stuffed with a mix of walnuts and onion, what better it can be? It can be a good option for vegetarians.

  • Eggplant rolls

Fried eggplants rolled with walnut it is an amazing combination for all lovers of light snacks. Not easy to cook but the taste compensates everything!

  • Dovgha

It is not possible to imagine a mountain country without cattle. Azerbaijan lives according to the natural rules and the dishes people eat are always composed of thing they can find every day and everywhere. A sourish yoghurt soup with enormous quantity of herbs gives a full scene of life of local shepherds.

  • Kebab

Something so boring and well known all around the world, this dish can surprise you here in Azerbaijan. There are, probably, more than 70 types of kebab in our country, but a special one called “dasharasi” (between stones) you must taste obviously! It is served only in Ismayilli and Gabala regions and in some fancy restaurant of Baku, but the taste of meat fried on stone with vegetables and fresh bread will not live you indifferent nowhere.

  • Sadj

If you are tired from kebab and rice, there is an option specially for people who prefers not so heavy meal. A plate called sadj is a kind of Azerbaijani wok used to fry vegetables and meat or chicken on grill. You can find there everything what a cooker has now in the kitchen, from potatoes to apples and barbery.

  • Sheki sweets

If you have paid attention to other articles on our web page, may be, you have seen some mentions about Sheki and its amazing sweets. People from the Nord-West of Azerbaijan, from the region called Sheki are crazy about their sweets. They like them so much than dedicated a week every year to celebrate Sweet festival! Once visiting Azerbaijan don’t hesitate to taste a piece of khalva from Sheki or a bit of bamiya.

  • Pomegranate

This fruit considered a symbol of fertility became a symbol of Azerbaijan related with the fire worshipping, when people started to adore this fruit like a representation of the fire by itself. Now this tradition is transmitted into cuisine of Azerbaijan. Since November when in Goyhay region people celebrate festival of pomegranate it is a time to taste pomegranate juice, jam, sauce and wine.

  • Jams

There is an adorable tradition in our country to drink tea with jam. Probably it can be strange for you, but it is just a question of your tastes. Among thousands of types of jams among which it is possible to find tomato and eggplant jam, walnut and watermelon jam, just try to find one you like more and you will not be able to stop to drink tea only with jam!

  • Tea

Speaking about jams, we cannot forget about Azerbaijani tea. There a lot of people visiting our country who says that they don’t like tea, but the problem is that they have never tasted our black tea. You still don’t believe? So, welcome to Azerbaijan with Cat Travel!