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Must see

  • Baku 

Baku is a fantastic hubble where the future meets the past and the time surpass the action. It is important to divide Baku from the rest of Azerbaijan, because it is totally different universe and culture. If you visit only Baku, you don’t see Azerbaijan, but Baku it is a preview what Azerbaijan will be in the prompt future.

  • Old City of Baku

How Baku lives its own life, so the Old City continues its living according to its own spirit. Since the beginning, Baku was divided into two sights: Bayir (Outside) and Icheri (Indoor) city. The Old Town concentrates what was Baku in the past, and the today of the capital is represented outside of the main walls. However, be careful walking through narrow streets, not every brave was able to find the way back! 

  • Fire

Everybody by sure knows that the main symbol of Azerbaijan is the fire. However, have you ever counted how many places of the country are connected with this natural element? To be honest very rare Azerbaijani can do it for you, but if you’re not indifferent to miracles, Cat Travel invites you to discover all secrets of the fire and promise to show you every possible sight.

  • The Silk Road

According to historical and archeological researches hold on the territory of our ancient country it was possible to demonstrate that a piece of commercial route known like the Great Silk Road crossed the area of Caucasus and Azerbaijan as well. During the conference hold in 1998 about the renovation of the Silk Road an agreement about the restauration of historical objects related with the commercial past of the country and a transit road by itself was adopted. Since that it was possible to see renaissance of the historical and architectonical monuments that represent now the pass of the country through history.

  • Sheki

The city named the Silk capital of Azerbaijan offers now a variety of attractions for any kind of tourist. On the first place, they are historical sights of the city as Khans’ Palace, Karavansaray and Middle Age fortress, the Cristian church in Kish village of the 1st century a.C., equal to them is placed the hospitality of people and local cuisine. It is not possible to visit Azerbaijan and not to taste khalva of Sheki!

  • Tolerance of Azerbaijan

Since the old times different nations and various religions habituated the territory of Azerbaijan. It is amazing to see how in such a small country lives together Islam and Judaism, Christianism and Fire worshipping. To understand how it was possible in such a destructive area that was conquered so many times all along the history, it is necessary to visit local religious temples belonged to each confectionary and speak to people. You will understand than however the difference, people here are connected by the spirit of saint friendship and hospitality.

  • Baku Boulevard

Have you ever walked comfortably along the seashore during many hours? How do you think, is it possible to do such walk and not catch kilos of sand and stones into shoes? If you visit Baku, you will see, that for this city there is nothing impossible. The longest Boulevard in Europe (if Azerbaijan is Europe?) offers you a comfortable walk around 12 km of the seashore with any kind of facilities for very different tastes. Don’t forget to catch the mini cruise boat across Baku bay and see the city from the sea!

  • Caucasus Mountains

May be, you have already seen all the highest peaks of the world, but your list will not be completed without the Great Caucasus Raw. The magical beauty of these multiage giants attract and scare, but do not live indifferent. According to the season of year they change their faces and costumes and can be so different as the days of the year.

  • Salt lake

Thera are so many salt lakes in the world, but Caspian Sea is the biggest one and it is a sea dimension lake with maritime flora and fauna. Here you can find sturgeon with black caviar, flamingo as somewhere in the southern paradise and, imagine, a small seal, that is named as one of the smallest in the world. You should come here in the mid-august to see their natural lifestyle.

  • Weddings

Each culture and nation has its own wedding style, but for Azerbaijan lied on the crossroads of two continents and four mentalities, wedding is another way to show its multicultural society. Every city and the smallest villages of the country have its own wedding and marriage traditions. They are always numerous and noisy events with a huge amount of food and dance, sometimes totally halal (no alcohol), sometimes full of degustation of vodka and other drinks. However, it is always a show and a possibility for the couple to be the most important people of all community during a whole day.